This film is the first of three films that chronicle the fictional lives of unrelated people that are unknowingly connected to each other by the events surrounding the hypothetical rapture of the church, in the year 1973. This movie is a lighthearted retrospect of how a turbulent time in history, spawned a revival of a centuries old religious archetype. It follows the lives of fictional character's, Johnny Santino (a young song writer) and Molly Stevens (a research doctor), from the rapture in 1973, through the 1980's.

A.D.1973 takes an unorthodox approach to the interpretation of scriptures relating to the second coming of Christ. It is somewhat irreverent is it's depiction of the rather unsavory characters, who are involved in schemes that seek to profit from the church. There is some profanity and violence, but the overwhelming theme is that of peace, tolerance and love of fellow man. There is one instance of drug use, but only as a reference to the liberal climate of the time. A.D.1973 the movie has many references to the political and popular culture of that period such as Vietnam, Watergate, women's rights, indigent medical care, racism, school violence, integration of Schools and forced busing. AD 1973 features muti-ethnic characters including Italian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Irish, Afro American and Jewish parts with dialog in Spanish, Italian and Yiddish.

The screenwriter is a twenty year veteran of Film and Television production, as an Art Director. He brings a unique view of production, that makes this film a dream to shoot and edit. Simplicity is the key, as the entire movie is written to facilitate the most economical types of locations, equipment and Effects.

We are currently seeking financing for our first film AD 1973, which is now in pre-production. The script for the first of three films, is available for download. It is registered with WGA and all rights are reserved. If you are interested in contributing to this project or acquiring the rights to the script, please e-mail AD1973MOVIE@HOTMAIL.COM

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